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Employee Performance Optimization PROCESS utilizes a number of assessment tools. These tools identify and assess various factors such as character, competency and balance that when analyzed suggest necessary actions and approaches to improve performance levels.

The tools can be used separately but optimum results are achieved when all tools are used within a systematic and logical structure.

Corporate environment is unique for each organization and is influenced by culture (management style, atmosphere, etc.) and organizational structure Job Descriptions identify the required tasks for each position to achieve the desired results. Competency Matrix is an assessment of the competencies required for a particular job position Job Model defines weighted values of the competencies required for optimal performance Character of the person who will be aligned to Job Model Character Assessment identifies the competencies of an employee, which when compared to the Job Model, determines employee potential Competencies represent the combination of talents, interests, and intellectual level for a person Life-Balance Assessment identifies employee external stressors related to their job, self and home environment Measurable Performance Goals for each position that are aligned with corporate objectives Compensation Plan is a transactional exchange of money for defined results by job position Training is a process to achieve a proficient alignment of Employee Competencies to required Job Competencies Coaching is a process to Optimize Performance to Maximize Results™ Performance has to be evaluated by a measurable system with a clear understanding of the milestones toward required corporate objectives Expected or better Performance must be recognized Rewards are used to further motivate and stimulate employees Achievements are celebrated through corporate or public events Company Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a company or corporation Structure is the operation and organization model for the company Job Positions are assigned responsibilities and tasks