The Need to Identify Character Makeup

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By Peter T. Guy, Ph.D.

Until now the area of character assessment, may have varying results depending on the methods applied. Clearly, the ability to effectively assess character needs an approach that is reliable and quantifiable.

Optimax provides a scientific process for the measurement of psychocybernetical parameters of individuals character and ability to achieve success.
Assessing strengths and weaknesses lays a good foundation for the understanding of a character type. Equipped with this knowledge, appropriate strategies and techniques may then be implemented for the purpose of optimizing personal performance throughout life.

The Optimax System provides practical direction and suggestions on how to improve interpersonal relationships and how to enhance personal performance both at home and at work.

The identification of sources of stress, which may disable performance, is central to the Optimax System. By focusing on the cause of the stress rather than its symptoms, the various techniques and strategies suggested are aimed at reducing or even eliminating performance-related stress.

This innovative method of character assessment and management now being introduced by Optimax is based on the Psychocybernetical Theory of Human Character of Prof. M. Mazur.


Encounters with systems are common in everyday life (i.e. computer systems, the educational system, the traffic system, etc.).

Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary science dealing with communication and control systems in living organisms, machines, and organizations. The term, derived from the Greek word kybernetes (“steersman” or “governor”), was first applied in 1948 to the theory of control mechanisms by the American mathematician Norbert Wiener (1894-1964). Cybernetics is a science which is founded on principles of mathematics and logic that endeavors to study the human subject in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner for the purpose of effectively managing the various systems which apply to the human condition.

The human system ranks as the most complex of all systems by virtue of its ability to be self-directed. The science, which delves into the complexity of the interactions within the human system, is called psychocybernetics.

The father of psychocybernetics is Prof. Marian Mazur (1909 – 1983) of Poland. He published his Psychocybernetical Theory of Character, Cybernetics Theory of Autonomous Systems, in 1966. Prof. Mazur lectured on cybernetics at the Ècole des Hautes Ètudes en Sciences Social (Sorbone) in Paris. He was consultant to the artificial intelligence division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States of America and the author of over 150 publications.

The System

Optimax Human Resources Inc. has developed the system to interpret and implement the results of the psychocybernetical assessment. Optimax offers a revolutionary system for quantified character assessment, known as the Identification of Character (IoC).

The Optimax character assessment tool is a proven system that enhances the potential for optimal performance.

The Optimax Quantified Character Assessment, as interpreted through the Parametric Model of Character, is the best available tool for assessing the psychocybernetical makeup of an individual for the following reasons:

  1. Scientifically based – a mathematical and logical closed theory;
  2. Objective & quantifiable – mathematical formula to assess A+B=C
  3. Individuals assessed cannot manipulate or misunderstand the questions;
  4. Results are not influenced by education, experience and knowledge;
  5. Accuracy of the result is in the range between 90% – 100%;
  6. Assessments repeated again will give the same results; the assessment will predict all changes for more than ten years;
  7. Assessment cannot discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, or handicap – the method is universal for all people;
  8. Modeling of specific applications/positions can be effectively done based on the scientific process;
  9. Interpretation is based on the results of all parameters taken together.

Optimax is the only company in North America, which successfully applies the Parametric Model and offers a full range of support services to business and sports organizations.

Achieving and maintaining the highest levels of human performance hinges on striking a balance within the components of the human system.