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To Organizations

Minimize recruitment costs
Reduced hiring and selection costs by identifying the best candidates through objective assessment dat

Minimize employee turnover
Improved staff retention through a better matching of employee character to job functions and the organization environment

To Managers

Maximize Performance
Higher productivity through an understanding of the competencies of employees and application of talents to the right tasks

Optimize Communication
Better communication levels with an understanding of how different characters respond to their environment

Optimize Motivation
Achieve more results through employees motivated by management who understand their unique qualities and work effectively with them

To employees

Minimize Stress
Reduce stress through a better understanding of our self and develop coping strategies that fit our character

Maximize Productivity
Develop tactics and techniques to improve performance with the right investment of energy

Maximize Job Satisfaction
Enjoy what you do and being part of a positive team environment

To Individuals

Choose the right career, job and company

Optimize relationships and communication among family members

Achieve greater personal fulfillment by committing time to those activities, friendships and personal interests that suit our character