Long Term Life Plan

Achieving maximum performance in any area of life requires goal setting and planned execution of a series of tasks designed to realize your objectives. For example, to run a business effectively requires a business plan. Similarly, in order to achieve our personal goals, we require a successful “life business plan”. We may have the desire, talent and interest to pursue a certain path, but without proper planning and disciplined execution, we are much less likely to accomplish as much as we would like to or have the potential to do. This causes frustration, and increases personal stress levels.

A Long Term Life Plan puts focus and order to one’s life. It is a personal and detailed agenda of all life activities, goals and even dreams. A Life Plan is not a short-term fix but a life long strategy where we carefully set-up realistic life goals in order to achieve seemingly unreachable aspirations. The Long Term Plan involves planning for 1, 2, 3, 10 and 20+ years ahead in the following life activity areas:

It is beneficial to complete a Character Assessment will identify the preferences and style for one’s life direction, and is helpful to preparing a meaningful Life Plan. It is also useful to complete a Life Balance Assessment, which calculates the imbalance in an individual’s personal life, and its impact on his or her specific character. An important objective of a Life Plan is to correct any life imbalance to minimize stress and maximize personal performance.

Preparing a Life Plan is an exciting and enlightening exercise but it does require effort. Optimax understands this and will work hand in hand with you to create a plan that fits your character and is aligned with your talents, interests and passions.

If you are interested in completing the Optimax Life Plan please contact us by e-mail at admin@optimax.org.