Optimax Solutions

“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler”
Albert Einstein

The Optimax System for performance improvement includes an extensive range of services. All our services employ the Character Assessment tool to form a holistic and systematic approach to understand and maximize human performance.

Our System provides Solutions in the following areas:


  • Expedites the hiring process by instantly identifying most desirable job candidates, ensuring top performance
  • Offers practical directions to improve or maintain effective communication necessary in successful conflict resolution, and recommends efficient coaching strategies
  • Clearly defines job competencies eliminating unnecessary stress surrounding job classification


  • Facilitates effective selection of the best athletes, coaches, managers, medical staff, etc., to ensure winning performance and successful coaching
  • Provides an efficient drafting system with future potential evaluation
  • Supports selection of the best techniques, tactics and strategies for athletes and teams producing optimum motivation and stimulation
  • Offers appropriate strategies and techniques to maintain team balance, and personal Life Balance

Personal Life

  • Assists individuals in their career orientation through the identification of their personal interests, and through the assessment of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Increases self-awareness, and helps to lower stress and conflict levels
  • Enhances relationships by identifying the underlying behavioural principles for ourselves and others
  • Through mentoring, it helps establish and retain a healthy Life Balance resulting in higher performance in all areas of life