The identification of sources of Stress in a corporation, which directly affects performance, is central to the Optimax System.

There can be many causes for a stressful climate in an organization. Employee conflicts, performance issues, communication breakdowns and organization or leadership change are common situational factors that lead to corporate stress. Investigating the reason for stress in an organization is much like peeling the skin of an onion where one layer leads to another. For example, simply identifying a breakdown in communication as the cause of stress is often not enough. Behind the communication challenge are people. Related to people are two types of stress, internal and external:


Comparing data obtained from Character Assessments will identify the cause of interpersonal based stresses.


Environmental stress can be evaluated by a Life Balance Assessment and a Job Balance Assessment.

Regardless of the type or cause of stress, stress left unmanaged, is a draw on the productive energy in an organization and ultimately affects performance.