Life Balance Assesment

Our lives consist of three major dimensions:

To be successful in a chosen profession, career or occupation, and to achieve happiness in our private life, we have to maintain a balance among all three dimensions. In order to apply an effective strategy to achieve and sustain life balance, a diagnosis of the present status of life balance is required. The Life Balance Assessment is able to evaluate for an individual the level of overall balance between the three dimensions, and to identify any critical areas that require improvement.

Stress Chart

Assessment Process

The Life Balance Assessment uses a “slider technique” to describe the individual’s feedback for each question on the report. It is a questionnaire type of assessment, available online, which requires approximately 15 minutes to complete. There are different versions of the assessment depending on family status (e.g., single, married, with children, without of children).

Assessment Reports

Depending on the requirements of the client, Optimax offers the following types of Life Balance Assessment reports:

Assessment Results Interpretation

Although the report is designed to be comprehensive in, it is recommended that interpretation of the assessment results be conducted by a Certified Optimax Interpreter.

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