In sports, the process of Selection plays a critical role in achieving the highest possible results. The right selection is crucial not only for the athletes and coaches, but also for the managers, physiotherapists, physiologists, doctors, video analysts, technical staff and others involved with the team.

Adding a new person to a team (national or club) can be beneficial or damaging to the overall performance of the team. A critical aspect of the selection process is to understand the character of the team members, and the needs of the team. A good selection process complements the strengths and weaknesses of the team with those of the newly selected team member. Conversely, poor selection processes may in fact weaken the strengths of the existing team and result in a decline in performance levels achieved before the addition of the new member.

Character Assessment results will identify sport specific characteristics and abilities of an individual to determine his or her potential success individually and as a team member such as:


  • Passion for the Sport
  • Communication Style
  • Motivators & Anti-Motivators
  • Stimulators
  • Learning Pattern
  • Learning Pattern


  • Best Strategies for Training
  • Best Techniques for Training
  • Training Preference Style
  • Technical Complexity


  • Tactical Type
  • Tactical Complexity


  • Competitiveness
  • Competition Plan Focus
  • Response to Pressure
  • Decision Accuracy
  • Level of Energy & Recovery Time
  • Response to Overtime & Penalty Shot (Kick)
  • Demonstration of Emotions

Selection of other members of the team (e.g., managers, doctors, psychocybernetists, etc.) must also factor specific competencies critical to success for each particular profession.