Annual Life Plan

While a Life Balance Assessment indicates the extent of imbalance in a person’s life, the Annual Life Planning tool helps correct this imbalance by putting one on a path of action tailored to one’s unique character. It is important to understand a person’s character and current state of life balance before developing an Annual Life Plan.

Therefore we recommend completing a Character Assessment and Life Balance Assessment initially. Optimax analyzes the information provided by the Character Assessment and Life Balance Assessment, and together with the individual helps to organize an effective detailed Annual Life Plan.

The Annual Life Plan is designed to organize all specific tasks that form part of our daily, monthly and annual regimen such as medical checkups, family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, hobbies, etc. But is also includes actions to be completed in order to achieve goals set out in a person’s Long Term Life Plan in the following areas:

Once an Annual Life Plan is developed it is essential to update it regularly as tasks are completed and goals are achieved.

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