Competency Matrix

A Competency Matrix is tool that compares the competencies of current or prospective employees with the competencies required to perform at an optimal level for a defined position.

The competencies of employees and job candidates are determined from the Character Assessment tool. However, clearly defining and prioritizing the competencies required for each job position is an essential step to selecting or aligning the right people for each job position, and achieving high performance levels.

Competency Alignment

The competencies required for a job position must consider the tasks and responsibilities of the job. Competencies must also reflect the unique requirements of the organization based on its operating philosophies, culture, employee relationships and team dynamics. Many selection systems do not factor these issues when determining the competencies necessary for a given position. The result is that a new or recently promoted employee may fail to perform because of a misalignment of employee competencies with one or more of these factors. A simple example would be an employee who has very strong technical skills for a job but is required to work in a team where the cultural values of the organization requires each employee to support the other. If this employee does not have the competencies required to work collaboratively with others such as people handling skills, then they may be a poor fit for the job and the organization based on factors other than job skills.

Competency Assessment

Competencies required for a job position are defined through the Competency Assessment system. The Assessment requires key personnel in the organization, familiar with the responsibilities and tasks of the specific job position to define the competencies required to perform at the optimal level in that job. The assessment requires approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and is available in paper or online.

Job Model

Optimax compiles the feedback from the Competency Assessments, and develops a mathematical Job Model. A Competency Model defines the competencies necessary for optimal performance in a particular position, within a specific organization’s culture. The Job Model also ranks the competencies as primary, secondary and tertiary competencies dependant on their potential impact on performance.

Competency Matrix

The Competency Matrix will readily identify if the employee or candidate is suitable for the position. The results of individual Character Assessments are “filtered” through the Job Model using the Competency Matrix tool. The Matrix allows for efficient comparison of the performance potential of each candidate to aid the selection process . The Matrix is also a useful tool for employee development and training purposes. It will identify where necessary competency levels are weak and what support systems or training strategies will be required for each candidate.

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