Job Balance Assesment

The Optimax Job Balance Assessment is a valuable tool to identify how employees feel about their overall work environment and in particular their job functions. The assessment data, when carefully interpreted, can identify environmental factors, both general and specific, that negatively impact on the stress and energy levels of employees, and ultimately their performance. The assessment is also completed by management where they are asked to provide their opinion on the same issues as it relates to their employees. It is common for management and employees to have very different opinions of Job Balance. By having the two groups complete the same assessment we are able to identify the level of sensitivity of management to the employee’s world.

Assessment Process

The Job Balance Assessment uses a “slider technique” to record individual feedback for each assessment question. The assessment can be completed online and requires approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Assessment Reports

Depending on the requirements of the client, Optimax offers the following types of Job Balance Assessment reports:

Assessment Results Interpretation

Although the report is designed to be comprehensive in, it is recommended that interpretation of the assessment results be conducted by a Certified Optimax Interpreter.

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