• Natasza A Kurpios, Ph.D.Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics

    I had my first encounter with the Psychocybernetical Character Assessment test at the age of 15, nearly 15 years ago, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Guy....

    Upon completion of such test, Peter gave me very detailed career directions which best fulfilled my character traits based on the assessment test. Peter quickly recognized my leadership abilities and my enthusiasm for learning and discoveries. He suggested that I should strongly consider a career in biochemistry research. At the age of 15, I had no clue what I wanted to become and what research meant; my short term goals primarily consisted of completing High School. Upon completion of High School, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Biochemistry degree at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. I quickly recognized my deep interests for science and research, and hence decided to precede a scientific research career. I joined the laboratory of Dr. John Hassell at the Center for Functional Genomics at McMaster University, where I obtained my Ph.D. degree working on breast cancer and stem cells.

    Today, I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, working in the laboratory of Dr. Clifford Tabin. The main goal of our research team is to understand embryonic development. We combine classical methods of experimental embryology with modern molecular and genetic approaches for regulating gene expression during embryogenesis.

    My future hopes are to combine my expertise from both laboratories and initiate my own research group back in Canada. I will always be grateful to Peter for supporting me throughout my research progress and for always encouraging me. I’m currently working towards the next exciting steps of my career development, which are … very ambitious and I believe that I will achieve them all.

  • Dragica GrbavacPresident Tri-Media Corporation

    I am pleased to provide a reference for the Optimax System developed by Dr. Peter Guy....

    I met Dr. Peter Guy, at a time when I had reached the pinnacle of my career, yet was rather unhappy. I attempted blame on just about everything but my work.

    With Dr. Guy’s character assessment and profile, I learned that I was attempting to be happy in a career that was fundamentally holding me back from the very things I enjoyed and cherished most in my professional advancement.

    Dr. Guy helped to understand most of all the source of the confidence I was seeking in my work and how I can achieve, not only business confidence, but business success. I began to understand my capacity for perseverance, communication and resilience.

    To this day, nearly 10 years later, I still refer to the profile he created for me and find that it is still as accurate as ever.

    Dr. Guy has been the single greatest influence in my life that guided me to walk away from a continuously successful career in the corporate arena and to become an independent professional, where I have come to appreciate the freedom, the challenges, the lessons and the possibilities of the future. I have never looked back.

  • Kasandra BrackenRyerson University

    I was in my first year of the journalism program and hadn’t yet found my footing when I met Dr. Peter Guy through Ryerson University’s partnership with his sports assessment program. Peter’s Optimax Analysis confirmed my undeniable interests in music and writing....

    Hi helped me combined my education with my current interests, putting me down a career path that was specific and perfect for my own passions.

    With this, Peter gave me specific goals to attend concerts and listen to albums, consistently writing reviews, giving ratings, and honing my craft. He ensured my success and kept me accountable with regular check-ups and encouragement, and helped me to believe in myself.

    Now I’m writing culture and music for a well-read website, and my aspirations to achieve to continue to grow.

  • Shu Yang Hu

    Optimax was extremely helpful in giving me feedback about my skills, strengths, and areas in my personality or learning that I need to be more aware of. ...

    Before, I would constantly wonder about my life skills and personality traits, and try to figure out how I can apply these qualities to a career where I would thrive, feel satisfied, and contribute to society (for that was a definite requirement in my choice of careers). The trouble was, my perspective of myself was obviously very subjective and I could never be certain whether my choice was the best for me. Was family pressure a huge factor in my choice? Did I choose this path primarily for its reputation? For the paycheck? I had always been set on pursuing this one career path. But as I started exploring other venues, I began re-considering and asking myself exactly the same questions mentioned above. I wanted to not only do more research on other potential careers, but I wanted to find out more about myself as well. Optimax came as an opportunity for self-reflection and it was even better that it came from an objective source. However, what made it unique from other personality and career tests and the like is that it was far more comprehensive and in-depth in its results. It also provided a list of career paths that would best suit me. I decided to take some seriously and went as far as contacting an astronaut by phone, emailing a physicist, and attending a science camp on biology and the environment called Deep River Science Academy.

    Taking these actions and experiences left a very positive impact and have made me feel more secure about my future because I am aware of my options. Your results after the test session do not ultimately define who you are, but they reveal aspects about yourself that perhaps you should know of. Some information may only strengthen your view of yourself or surprise you. I am now 15 years old and determined to pursue a career either in neurosurgery or aerospace engineering (or both together if it will be possible – Optimax comment). As I approach the time for university applications, I am more relieved by that fact that I have a clear idea of my career goals and a better picture of the type of person I am. I can now devote my time and energy to pursuing those goals.

  • Ron BabinAssociate Director & Assistant Professor

    Ted Rogers School of IT Management Ryerson University Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidate Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK...

    Dr Peter Guy knows how to read young people, to understand their personal strengths and challenges, and to help them prepare a path for their future. He has provided character assessment services using Optimax, to help hundreds of our students understand where they should focus their careers and futures. For some students this confirms the direction they had already set, for others it provided information and an opportunity to assess their life goals and directions. For many students, Peter has provided a model for understanding the challenging demands of life and an approach to balance those demands with a long term life plan. In short, Peter has helped our students prepare for life.

  • Sam MazerolleQueen’s University

    I first heard about Optimax through my father. I was entering my final year of high school, and I was still undecided about what career path I wanted to pursue. ...

    For me this was a big problem because of the different course requirements for two programs that interested me, business and engineering. I took the test online, it was very easy to complete, and received my results within days. Peter went through the results with me, carefully explaining each aspect of the results.

    Peter’s comments were a revelation. It was as though Peter was looking into the inner workings of my mind and could see what motivated me, how I related to others, how I problem solved, what my strengths and weaknesses were. The results then ranked in order the careers I would be best suited for based on all these factors. The Optimax results made it very clear to me which path to pursue, and helped me easily make the decision to go into engineering. I am now studying engineering at Queen’s University, and very happy with the choice I made.

  • Dr. Maurice J. Mazerolle Associate Professor Ted Rogers School of Management Ryerson University

    I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the value and assistance that the Optimax System has provided to me in both a professional and personal capacity....

    Let me begin with the professional. From 2004-2008, I was the Director of Student Affairs (now Student Achievement) for the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, at Ryerson University, located in Toronto, Canada. One of my responsibilities was to deliver a course, (Business 100, Strategies for Success) to a first year class of over 1000 students. At this point in time, I had only known Dr. Peter Guy for a short period of time, but it did not take very long to realize his passion for helping young people realize their true potential. Not only that, Dr. Guy had developed an online method of assessment that could provide a level of self awareness about a person’s true life passions, but would also result in the creation of a detailed, clearly written document that would map out the career paths that would best capture those passions. The idea of being able to determine at an early age the kinds of careers that would best suit an individual, I saw as invaluable, and that is why I chose to make the Optimax assessment available to all 1000 students in my course, and to create an assignment based on the results. I have to say that of all of the assignments that I have ever created or made available to students, none has had the same impact or generated so much interest. I firmly believe that as a result of taking the Optimax assessment, numerous students made better career and life choices. Being responsible for overseeing the academic probation and suspension policies within my school required me to deal with countless students who were in academic jeopardy. I feel now as I felt then, that a significant contributing factor was that these students were in the wrong program for the wrong reasons and at the wrong time of their lives. They really did not know what they wanted to do or why they were there. Had they had the benefit of taking the Optimax assessment, I feel that many of them would have made better, more informed decisions that would have saved them incalculable time, money and more importantly, self worth.

    On the personal side, my oldest son was about to begin his last year in high school and, like many of his friends, he really was not certain as to what he wanted to pursue as a career. I got in touch with Dr. Guy, and had my son do the assessment. With Dr. Guy’s help it became clear that my son was a good fit with either engineering or business but at this stage of his life and given his interest in wanting to know how things work, engineering was the best fit. I am happy to report that my son in now in his first year engineering and loving it. I have one other son and I am planning to have him to also take the Optimax assessment given the results with my first son.

  • David M. JohnsonHigh Performance Director Swimming Natation Canada

    7 Time Canadian Olympic Swimming Coach 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000...

    Dr. Peter Guy and The Optimax psychocybernetics model brings a unique, high quality assessment tool to the teams and individuals. Over a period of six years from 1994 to 2000 through two Olympic Games preparations and many other major event interactions such as the Commonwealth Games, World Cups and two Pan Pacific Championships Dr. Guy’s program contributed to the highly successful results of our team. Particularly of note is the contribution of Optimax program and Dr. Peter Guy in 1999 and 2000 as a staff member of the Pan Am Games and the Sydney Olympic Games.

    At the Winnipeg Pan Am Games Canada won 12 Gold and 32 medals overall. This represented the first time Canada has won the Pan American Games swimming and is the highest gold medal and medal total in the history of Canadian Swimming.

    Dr. Guy has worked extensively with swimming and Swimming Natation Canada to develop tools to enhance the performance reliability and quality of the performance of Canada’s top swimmers. His influence and programs touched all facets of the program including the volunteers, coaches, swimmers, and staff. Personal interventions and briefings were undertaken utilizing the Optimax evaluations. Using Dr. Guy’s unique psychocybernetic model contributed to 4 Olympic medals and a surge forward of the Canadian national swimming team program. The Olympic medalists, finalists, and the team members benefited from the information that was gleaned from the Optimax program resulting in motivated athletes with an improved sense of self, able to provide their coaches with better feedback, and improved personal decision making skills. The single most important outcome was a more balanced and holistic person able to perform reliably under the pressure of the Olympic moment.

    Strategies were developed that encouraged team building, career planning and stress management. The foundation laid by the Optimax program developed skills that will last a lifetime. Optimax can benefit the deployment of staff by identifying interests and skill sets, thereby enabling managers to have insight to their personnel and optimize their human resource allocation and improve productivity. I highly recommend the Optimax program for you and your teams!

  • Teresa SchlachterHigh Performance Director Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton

    High Performance Director Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton...

    On behalf of the Canadian National Skeleton Team I would like to thank you for your support the last two seasons. The success of the program is due in part to the tools you provided to the athletes and myself. The process that we started last season is paying off; the athletes have learned how to work as a team (in an individual sport) and we have developed peak performance plans in each season. Your help incorporating psychocybernetics into our sport has contributed to the accomplishments of our team.

    2002 - 2003

    World Cups individual:
    6 Gold Medals
    2 Silver Medals
    1 Bronze Medal

    World Cup Overall Individual:
    Gold Medal – Michelle Kelly
    Silver Medal – Lindsay Alcock, Jeff Pain

    World Cup Overall Team:
    Gold Medal – Women’s Team
    Silver Medal –Men’s Team

    World Championships:
    Gold Medal – Michelle Kelly, Jeff Pain

    2003 - 2004

    World Cups individual:
    2 Gold Medals
    4 Silver Medals
    6 Bronze Medal

    World Cup Overall Individual:
    Gold Medal – Lindsay Alcock
    Silver Medal – Duff Gibson
    Bronze Medal – Michelle Kelly

    World Cup Overall Team:
    Gold Medal – Women’s Team
    Gold Medal –Men’s Team

    World Championships:
    Gold Medal – Duff Gibson
    Silver Medal – Lindsay Alcock

  • Christian Farstad President Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton

    Dear Dr. Guy. On behalf of Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton I would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of our 2004-2005 Skeleton and Women’s Bobsleigh programs....

    It is a goal of Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton to ensure that we have in place a World Class support team for our athletes competing at World Cup and World Championships. You certainly were a key player in creating an environment that enabled our athletes to meet and often exceed their goals.

    Results from this season include:

    Jeff Pain
    World Champion – Calgary, Canada;
    Gold Medal – World Cup Winterberg, Germany

    Duff Gibson
    Bronze Medal – World Championships Calgary, Canada
    Gold Medal – World Cup Torino, Italy
    Gold Medal – World Cup Sigulda, Latvia

    Michelle Kelly
    Bronze Medal – World Championships Calgary, Canada

    Deanna Panting
    Silver Medal – World Cup Winterberg, Germany

    Lindsay Alcock
    Bronze Medal – World Cup Igls, Austria

    The time, dedication, passion and energy that you brought to our programs are appreciated. Thank you for helping Canada to a very successful 2004/2005 season as the athletes continue their journey to the podium at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

  • Teresa Schlachter General Manager – Skeleton Bobsleigh CANADA Skeleton

    Dr. Peter Guy. Thank you for your ongoing support to our team from 2002 – 2006, through out the years the athletes have won ... over 30 World Cup medals, 7 World Championships medals and GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE at the 2006 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES IN TORINO, ITALY.

    The Canadian Skeleton team has used cybernetics to foster the development of athletes at all competitive levels – Olympic, World Cup and Europa Cup. The information the athletes, coaches and staff receive about themselves and their team mates helps to create an environment of respect and trust. This environment allowed athletes to optimize their potential for achieving podium performances.

    Thank you and looking forward to working with you as we work towards the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Sincerely,

  • Penny Heyns 2 Gold, 1 Bronze Olympic Games Medalist in Swimming

    Socrates said, ‘The life which is unexamined is not worth living.’I believe that to fully examine ones life so as to profit beneficial growth and change, one must understand ones character....

    The character assessment by Dr. Peter Guy enabled me both during the latter stages of my swimming career and now as a business woman, to recognize and apply my strengths and weaknesses so as to achieve optimum performance and ultimately move closer to reaching my full potential.

    During my career as an athlete the information provided by the assessments enabled me specifically to better understand and appreciate my psychological strengths both in training and competition, while at the same time providing me with an understanding of where I was at emotionally so as to better manage my internal stresses and external pressure.

    Today as a retired athlete I find myself in the corporate world and still, this character assessment continues to be a very valuable tool for application in both business and life.

  • Lindsay Alcock2002 and 2006 Skeleton Olympian

    As with any Olympic sport, it is necessary to learn strategies for improving mental performance because it has a powerful influence on how athletes perform. In the fall of 2002, ... I was introduced to Psychocybernetics, a complex interdisciplinary science involving the interaction of the human system (psychocybernetical and physical) with other systems we encounter in daily life.

    I am a member of the Canadian Skeleton team and despite the stresses faced by amateur athletes in Canada, I have managed to create a balance in all areas of my life with the help from Dr. Peter Guy, President of Optimax Human Resources Inc. Dr. Guy utilizes Psychocybernetics as the cornerstone to achieving optimal performance in elite sport and in the workplace.

    Optimax has provided superb services for me, including a human character assessment and individual sessions with Dr. Guy to discuss short-term and long-term life planning. We have created a comprehensive performance blueprint for the next four years of competition, leading ultimately to superior performance at the next Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy in 2006.

    Since meeting Dr. Guy, I have come to understand my own innate character and dynamism. I have been able to achieve a better balance in my life, most notably in areas of athletic, personal, and professional development. I can now understand my teammates better based on their own unique characters revealed by the assessments. It is possible to comfortably predict my teammates’ behaviours in many types of situations, which has proven to be a powerful tool while traveling around the world together. We have become aware of each others’ differences and embrace our commonalities to make a stronger and cohesive unit.

    During the individual sessions with Dr. Guy, I have always left feeling empowered and confident in my decision making. He provides outstanding strategies for dealing with the many stresses that I face in high-performance sport, while taking into consideration my own dynamism. I have become more knowledgeable of my strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Guy builds on the talents I possess and helps to turn them into essential life skills for future career opportunities.

    I highly recommend the services provided by Optimax Human Performance Inc. and will continue to implement the strategies that I have learned, with the intention of becoming a better, all-round Olympic athlete.

    Lindsay Alcock

  • Deanna PantingCanadian Skeleton National Team

    Psychocybernetics became a large part of my World Cup success…although chronologically 38, my emotional age is 28 … prime age of a world class athlete....

    This knowledge… allowed me to begin to tap the athletic and psychocybernetical potential I had not found before. At 38 I rose to top 5 starters in the world as well as 3rd, 4th & 5th World Cup placing this past skeleton season.

    I am even able to apply these principles to my everyday life, finding the best way for me to be most productive. I am excited to see what the future racing season(s) will bring with this radically different process to achieving your dreams “your way”. Thank to Dr. Peter Guy and Optimax for helping me on the path to fulfilling my dreams!


  • Duff GibsonOlympic Skeleton Gold Medalist, World Champion

    Psychocybernetics is a tool that every modern athlete should utilize to better understand themselves in terms of what makes them train and compete to the best of their ability....

    Psychocybernetics has allowed our team to relate and support each other more effectively while on the road. This is an important and often underestimated aspect of life on the road for a successful team.

    Duff Gibson

  • Brian JohnsSwimmer World Record holder Olympian at the 2000, 2004 & 2006 Olympics

    I feel the character assessment has helped me by helping me recognize my strengths and my weaknesses. I have shared this knowledge with my coach and he has taken a different approach to motivating me based on what he learned....

    I have changed how I approach a problem. Since this assessment has told me about skills that I didn’t know I had, I have put these new tools into my toolbox, and now when I approach a problem, be it a swim meet, a math test, or girls I know that if I can’t get through a situation one way, I have many other ways to approach the same situation.

  • Mellisa Hollingsworth Olympic Skeleton Bronze Medalist, World Champion

    April 9, 2003
    The character assessment has been a gift enabling me to understand my teammates and coaches characters so that I can work with them better and to make me a better competitor and teammate....

    May 5, 2005
    I still believe that psychocybernetics has allowed me to understand my teammates better. Now, I believe that it will provide me with a plan to achieve my goal of competing in Torino Olympic Games. It will help me create balance in my life and an acceptance that I am who I am and I can be a better person and athlete by focusing on my strengths.

    Mellisa Hollingsworth

  • Mark Versfeld 2 times World Champion in swimming, Olympian

    The character assessment has helped me to recognize strengths and weaknesses not only in myself, but also given me a tool to work... better with people close to me. It has given insight into my perceptions and reactions to the world around me and the confidence that these can be trusted and accepted as being a part of me. It has helped me take direction towards my true passions and interests. I hope that it will also be a tool for others to discover my strengths and interests, which they can also trust and utilize. It is a rare sketch of the world inside my head. Hopefully with time I will be able to refine it and see it evolve.

  • Suzanne Gavine-Hlady Pilot of Canadian National Bobsleigh Team

    Psychocybernetics is a common sense approach to managing and understanding the mind & character when it comes to sport. I believe that Dr. Guy will facilitate my journey in the next few years on my way to the Olympic dream....

    Suzanne Gavine-Hlady

  • Bud McAllisterUSA, Japanese and Canadian Olympic Swimming Teams Coach

    Very often, the deciding factor in international and/or world class athletic competition is mental strength. Dr. Peter Guy is different because he deals with the athlete as a person, ... not just what they are thinking during their competition, but how their lifestyle and character affect their performance. His evaluation of athletes is insightful for both the athlete and coach to help them achieve their goal of doing their best at the most important meet.

  • Sean Baker1999 Pan American Games Team Coach

    After working with Dr. Guy, I realized the value of using his assessment and techniques to help capitalize on individuals’ character traits and personalities. ... Being able to know that certain individuals will thrive in certain situations, gave the Canadian swimming team an advantage that helped us to win 1999 Pan Am Games.

  • Byron MacDonaldCBC Commentator Swimming Coach of Olympians at 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988 Olympics

    This information will help the coach to better understand what drives their athletes – yielding a better plan of attack and better chance at success.

  • Stephen Price Coach at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

    Dr. Guy’s character assessment of myself and the athletes that I worked with at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta was an extremely useful tool. By assessing our individual characteristics it allowed ... myself and the swimmers to understand one another and develop a better working relationship, with respect to our likeness and differences. With a strong relationship established, we created an atmosphere of excellence, which allowed the athletes to produce world class performances, as was demonstrated in Atlanta. A strong coach/swimmer tandem is crucial for peak performance and Dr. Guy’s work with the National swim Team has been an intricate part of our ongoing success.

  • Teresa SchlachterHigh Performance Director Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton

    Psychocybernetics has provided me with tools to make decisions. Understanding how an athlete is going to react to a situation makes it easier for me to develop a strategy that will lead to a win-win outcome....

    Dr. Peter Guy is a valuable resource for the Women’s Bobsleigh and Skeleton athletes … they trust him and are able to “vent” to him about issues they are dealing with … this has helped to reduce stress through out the season … especially at the World Championships in Nagano, Japan.

    Psychocybernetics has helped me to understand myself much better … it has made me a better listener and communicator … it also provides information about athletes that would take years to find out … by assessing each athlete’s character we were able to create an understanding of each person – their strengths and weaknesses – and use this information to begin to develop our team.

  • Janice Mueller

    This may very well have saved my marriage, I have a better handle on why I act the way I do, so now I can try to communicate this to my husband, and hope that things will become stronger.

  • Jennifer Hannah

    I wanted to send …appreciation for understanding my character in order to find the best fit for … work. A very powerful tool … I commend you Dr. Guy for your time....

    I really gained a lot … in terms of knowing self, “energy”, … dynamism and my character. My sense is that with time there is much more I need know in terms of self-efficacy issues and attaining …work with the best fit.

  • Marie-Claude Fontaine

    I wanted to tell how much the assessment affected me … in a good way of course J...

    The assessment told me numerous things that I knew, but didn’t acknowledge … Now that I have it written in my face, it couldn’t be more obvious.

    I always wanted to travel, but didn’t know why, or how. Most of all, I didn’t know that I could take advantage of it. I now know that I have a talent and interest in languages, ethnography, photography, geography and history. The list is long, but all comes to one thing, discovering the world. In my ultimate dream I would become a National Geographic photographer. … But I will start by taking some photography classes this summer. … I am doing this because I want to travel, and second because I think that it is the best way to learn a new language…

    So there, this is what the assessment did for me, it taught me that I should follow my passions in order to really be happy. Working can’t be called working when it becomes a passion. The more languages I learn, the best for me. I am now gaining some experience, but my next step will be to find out how to make money out of it.

  • Wm. D. Randolph Millage Partner, Always Golf; Associate Governor, RCGA Rules Official, Great Lakes Professional Tour Tournament Chair, Rules Official, Golf Association of Ontario Tournament Chair, Rules Official, American Junior Golf Association Vice-President, Peterborough Golf and Country Club National Education Representative, CUPE

    During the past twelve years, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Peter Guy in many educational, occupational and sporting environments. Dr. Guy is one of the very best performance planners and managers on the planet....

    He led our team at Variety Village to create the first elite golf program that included both able-bodied and disabled athletes. Not only did young men and women learn the game and gain the confidence to play, but the program produced two national champions, over 200 NCAA college athletes, and over a dozen golfers who now compete on professional tours. In fact, PGA star Ian Leggatt was one of our instructors.

    Dr. Guy has also been involved with the Golf Association of Ontario, the Variety Village Golf Camps, Always Golf, and many of our provincial and national team players, almost invariably helping them to climb the ladder of success faster and further than they thought possible. Dr. Guy employed a combination of physical activities, skill development sessions, skill tests, group and individual counseling, risk management and opportunity maximization exercises, and character assessments to help each athlete maximize performance by utilizing the strengths of their own character.

    I have worked with Dr. Guy in the field of industrial relations where he helped major hospitals cope with massive organizational change, and assisted employee groups to avoid conflict while meeting the new challenges that were placed before them. In these initiatives, Dr. Guy provided group seminars on performance management and organizational change, conducted small-group and individual counseling and used finely tuned character assessments to help employees forge pathways from adversity to renewed, sustainable subsistence and personal fulfillment.

    I introduced Dr. Guy to managers of a major Employee Assistance Program, where he assisted employees to regain confidence and improve performance while exhibiting renewed enthusiasm.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Guy has developed an approach to performance maximization that has demonstrated a high success rate in the vast majority of cases.

    I trust him. I am confident that his system works, and I know that he applies himself with focused energy to very project. When it comes to coaching and performance management, Dr. Guy is my secret weapon. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to others.

  • Brenda & Mark Tindale Peterborough, Ontario

    For the past two years, our family has worked with Dr. Peter Guy. His psychocybernetics assessment has significantly contributed to our children’s ... understanding of themselves. His keen personal insight and ability to relate to both of our children has provided them with a developmental focus, which reflects their individual talents.

    As a sports psychocybernetist, he has assisted our 15-year-old son, Matthew, with his golf dreams. Matthew understands his strengths and recognizes his challenges. He is better able to prepare himself psychologically for his competitions. Apart from the golf, Matthew has a better sense of himself as an individual and this has been reflected in the change in his confidence and demeanor. Our son has been tested on many different occasions, but previous testing has not revealed nearly as much about his total character as the psychocybernetics assessment. It has provided us with guidance as we prepare his high school program.

    Dr. Guy has also tested our 17-year-old daughter, Kate. Her needs were very different and the testing also proved invaluable for her. As she enters university, she has a much better understanding of her capabilities and the focus of her talents. She is able to make more confident decisions regarding her future goals. While our daughter is an academic, our son has different interests and the assessments and Dr. Guy encouraged each of our children regarding the best ways to deal with their new found knowledge and understanding.

    We believe that with our children having stronger personal insights, they are better equipped to take on the challenges that they face now and in their future. The on going follow up with Dr. Guy has proven invaluable not only for our children, but also for us, as parents, in understanding our children’s strengths, challenges, character and abilities.

    Two years later
    I have thought about Dr. Guy often as we go through different things and find ourselves reflecting on some of his wisdom from previous discussions. Even Matthew is beginning to remember Dr. Guy’s advise and applying it to the golf course. His demeanor on the course has improved and his ways of handling things seems to be much better. It is amazing how many times we reflect on the assessment and realize it’s impact.

  • Sean Magennis President Thomas International Management Systems Ltd.

    Dear Peter, I am writing to you to convey my appreciation and professional regard for your Optimax assessment system. I have worked in the assessment and evaluation industries for over a decade and your tool ... rates amongst the best I have experienced.The concise yet thorough testing process was easily explained and non-threatening. The content of your assessment system is however, what sets you apart.The detail and range of items is impressive and would place the accuracy of the content at 90% plus.Through your assessment I have a clear understanding of the strategies I need to implement to maximize my own productivity and success.As a coaching mechanism for teams in organizations this would be invaluable.

    Thank you for your time and professionalism.

  • Rick Wigmore President Ravenshoe Group

    When first approached about psycho cybernetics I was quite sceptical. However, Dr. Guy came highly recommended by Mark Evershed, the professional golfer, who I ... would say is very much a realist. I decided to try the on-line assessment to see if there was anything to it. I was surprised at the ease of completing the on-line assessment and absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the report. I then offered this assessment to my key personnel to make sure of the system’s validity. Let me just way it is a very powerful business tool for assessing who is right for which assignment. It was given the staff a greater respect for one another and made them aware of each others thought processes, which may differ from their own. The benefit has been a much happier company, which has resulted in increased productivity and profitability.

    Lucie Clairmont V.P. Sales & Marketing Ravenshoe Group

    Having been through several similar procedures for previous employers, I have to admit, I was sceptical when asked to complete this assessment. Most assessments had been psychological profiles or personality tests, not a true reading of my skills and potential. Optimax outlined my work skills, helped me identify my stress triggers, increase my productivity, improved my performance and enhanced my communication potential.

  • Mike Martin, P.Eng, MBAGeneral Manager Scarborotown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.

    Dear Peter, The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your professional services as a consultant to our firm. Our company has realized many benefits since we engaged the services of Optimax in 1999. One of the most significant ... contributions has been to help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of both staff and management in our company and also the potential of each person through your company’s assessment tools. From this awareness we have been able to deal more effectively with team based issues such as the expected dynamics within work groups. As we learned to be more sensitive about human dynamics we became better skilled in working with our staff in achieving both company and individual goals and objectives.

    Another important gain for our company was an improvement to our hiring process by utilizing the same assessment tools used to evaluate our existing staff. As we gained more incite into our employee groups we were much better prepared to introduce new employees to the team with a greater chance of success in the hiring and retention of these new members. As you are well aware, our company has gone through a difficult period of adjustment in the past year as a result of the transfer of staff from Scarborotown to our sister dealership which was required in order to assist that company in its reorganization. Your assistance at the senior management level was extremely helpful in dealing with the upheaval that occurred during this time. In one case in particular, on your recommendation we promoted a staff member, whom we had overlooked, to an important management position. That individual has achieved great results since his assignment and is both very happy and challenged with his new responsibilities. In several other cases we were at risk of loosing employees during this transition. However, we were able to mitigate this loss through either your direct intervention or through bringing the matter to our attention thus providing the opportunity for us to overcome their concerns. On a more personal level, i would like to thank you for the wise counsel you provided me in both business and personal matters over the past year and a half. Your personal and professional coaching was a welcome friend on many occasions and it is something that i know any senior manager or executive would benefit from. As responsibilities on an individual increase in business we chance loosing perspective and risk making bad decisions. Your unbiased and sometimes uniquely different viewpoint on problems at hand was of great benefit to me.

  • Bernard L. Gluckstein Q.C. Gluckstein & Associates Barristers-at-Law

    I have known Peter Guy for approximately the past four years. He has been a tremendous help for both myself and my key employees in obtaining our maximum potential. By ... utilizing Peter’s evaluations, I was able to obtain insight into matters that I would not have otherwise been able to do. In particular, I was able to match comparable personalities and be cognizant of potential conflict before they happened. Peter was also very instrumental in assisting me in allowing others to develop to their maximum potential.

  • Gordon R. Johnson Employee Assistance Program Coordinator Canadian Union of Public Employees

    I have worked with Dr. Peter Guy for more than ten years. His personal evaluation systems have helped our staff with crisis situations, career planning, interpersonal relationships and self awareness. People ... that have worked with him have confirmed or changed direction in their lives. They feel these assessments have been invaluable to their journey through life.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Peter Guy and his assessment system to anyone who is looking at personal self-development and/or future direction in life.

  • Vish Canaran VP Engineering Convergys Corporation

    Opence Inc. and Tidewater Software Inc. used the services of Optimax Human Performance Inc., under the direction of Dr. Peter Guy....

    Our company benefited tremendously from Dr. Peter T. Guy’s services and evaluation of our employees. The Character Assessment, Life Balance Assessment, and Job Balance Assessment tools allowed us to understand the working behaviors, strengths, limitations, and passions of our team members. Together with coaching, this helped our employees comprehend team dynamics and allowed them to work more cohesively, ultimately aiding in maximizing productivity

    Dr. Guy also played a key role in our recruitment efforts. By identifying quality attributes for future candidates through his Competency Matrix tool and evaluating potential employees, Dr. Guy was instrumental in building our workforce.

    Dr. Guy was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive and always made himself available for assistance. Our team’s experience with Dr. Guy was extremely beneficial, and we would recommend his services.