Hiring for a job position is essentially a matching process where the requirements of a job function are aligned with the education, experience, knowledge and character attributes of a candidate.

The Optimax Selection process focuses on assessing the character of candidates and their suitability for the job. This proven process is the most effective tool for organizations (objective, quantifiable and predictable) that are looking to improve on the quality of people hired and with the best potential for future success.

To assist in cross comparison of potential candidates, Optimax provides a Competency Matrix Summary of the attributes of all candidates. This is a powerful decision making tool that assimilates the more significant data on candidates and then ranks each candidate based on performance potential.

The Optimax Hiring Process will assist organizations to make better hiring choices through a very objective assessment of job candidates. The objectivity of this process reduces the impact of personal biases inherent in hiring processes and results in a higher success rate with new employees and reduced turnover.

Character and competency information obtained in the selection process can be used after the new employee has joined the organization to identify training and coaching needs of the employee optimizing early performance levels.