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Each job position requires specific competencies of an employee dependant on the tasks to be completed, team dynamics and the operating philosophies of the organization. It is only when we clearly define JOB COMPETENCIES that we can understand the EMPLOYEE COMPETENCIES (strengths) necessary to perform at an optimal level in that position and in a specific environment. This presents a challenge for most organizations as there is no system to identify and match accurately Job and Employee Competencies.

Optimax has various assessment tools that will do exactly this. The Competency Matrix is a unique tool designed to determine job competencies. The information from the Matrix is used to develop a Job Model which defines the competencies necessary for optimal job performance. Employee competencies are determined from the Character Assessment tool which assesses over 200 hundred parameters related to the employee’s character profile.

The Job Model is an extremely useful tool when compared against the Character Assessment for two main purposes:

Performance problems with existing staff.

Discrepancies between Employee Competencies and other character dynamics versus Job Competencies which are affecting performance can be identified. For example, take the case of an employee promoted to a management role who is experiencing difficulties getting results from his staff. This comparison will identify alignment problems between the competencies of the manager and those competencies critical to effective leadership in a management role.

Competencies alignment problems can not only be identified but prescriptive remedies such as training, coaching, job modification or employee re-assignment can be initiated with a greater awareness of the source of the performance problem.

Hiring new staff.

The use of these tools will ensure much greater accuracy in hiring the right candidate for a job position. They will also identify where weaknesses may exist with a candidate and what training and coaching will be required to maximize performance and reduce turnover.