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All human systems operate under STRESS. There are two principal types of stress:

INTERNAL STRESS is caused by conflicts that arise among character parameters; that is conflict within the human system. For example, some people have double or even triple sided characters. While we can only have one true character, people with multiple characters operate under stress since they are acting out of character a lot of times dependent on environmental influences. Optimax uses the Character Assessment to identify these and other character conflicts. Once these conflicts are recognized, Optimax can direct a person to understand they can properly deal with this tension so as to reduce internal stress levels.

EXTERNAL STRESS develops from conflicts between a person and environmental factors related to work, family or even hobbies. For example, working in a job or profession that does not align with a person’s competencies or for a manager with whom you cannot communicate is common, yet stressful for many people. Personal relationships are often stressful because parents do not understand their unique characters, that of their children and how different character types interact. Relationships with friends can be stressful for similar reasons. External stress can also result when there isn’t a proper balance in time committed to the three primary activity areas of life. An example would be a busy executive who does not spend enough time with his family or in doing things that relaxes or rejuvenates his body and mind. Optimax is able to identify solutions to these types of stresses through an understanding of character and an evaluation of a person’s current state of balance with the use of our Life-Balance Assessment tool.

Regardless of the type of stress or its root cause it is essential that it be identified and remedied. Energy used to combat stress can then be directed to productive activities that will enhance individual performance and results.