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Optimax offers a range of services and solutions designed to improve human performance for individuals, and business and sport organizations. Human performance is driven by two main factors:

Character, as an internal factor
Environment, as an external factor

We use a number of unique, scientific TOOLS to objectively measure and evaluate character and environmental conditions and dynamics:

Character Assessment

Character Assessment is an innovative method of assessment based on the science of Psychocybernetics. This extremely powerful tool identifies the dynamic character of a person and their natural interests, talents, competencies and passions, among a myriad of other components of the human system. Intellectual level, emotional age, communication style and optimal learning mode are just a few of them.

Life-Balance Assessment

Life-Balance Assessment identifies the current balance in an individual’s lifestyle in areas of work, family and personal needs or fulfillment. The Assessment will provide an understanding of where our energy is spent in our life and where we need to make changes if we are to achieve greater balance, lower stress and higher performance in all areas of our life.

Job-Balance Assessment

Job-Balance Assessment identifies how both employees and management feel about their work environment and job satisfaction levels. It is unique from traditional employee satisfaction surveys in that the focus of the assessment is whether the work environment and job functions enhance or detract from employee balance. It is also useful in identifying sources of stress in an organization that affect performance levels.

Competency Matrix

Competency Matrix is an assessment of the competencies an individual must have if they are to be considered suitable for a defined position in business or sports. A Job Model is developed from this assessment, which ranks in order of importance the required competencies required for the task demands of the job but also the unique culture, operating philosophies and relational factors of the organization.

Long Term Life Plan

Long Term Life Plan is a life strategy that involves planning life activities for 1, 2, 3, 10, and 20+ years ahead. It includes:

  • Personal Goals
  • Professional Goals
  • Family Goals
Annual Life Plan

Annual Life Plan is a detailed program of the time lines to execute 1 year Life Goals. It is a yearly schedule for all life activities (e.g. dentist appointments, birthdays, vacations, golf games, hobbies, actions to achieve our life goals, etc.) organized in a logical and effective structure and which is suited to our character dynamics.