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The OPTIMAX CHARACTER ASSESSMENT tool is a proven system that enhances the potential for optimal performance. Over 20,000 assessments have been conducted in Europe, and in excess of over 10,000 assessments in North America.

The Optimax Character Assessment is the best available tool for identifying the psychocybernetical makeup of an individual for the following reasons:

  1. It is scientifically based – founded on a mathematical and logical theory
  2. It is objective and quantifiable – uses mathematical formulas and algorithms
  3. It is well controlled – the assessment taker cannot manipulate or misunderstand the questions
  4. It is impartial – the results are not influenced by education, experience and knowledge
  5. It is accurate – the accuracy of the results reaches up to +90%
  6. It is reliable – repeated assessments will produce the same results; the assessment will predict all the changes for more than ten years
  7. It is universal – the assessment is non-discriminatory on any basis such as race, religion, sex, age, or disability
  8. It is thorough – the interpretation of the results is based on the combination of over 500 parameters


The Character Assessment questionnaire consists of a number of straightforward, easy-to-understand questions. Sophistication in the English language has no bearing on the results.

The Character Assessment can be performed on paper or online, and it requires approximately 45 minutes to complete. The Assessment is available also in French, German, Russian and Polish. It is not recommended to assess teenagers younger than 14 years old. However, depending on the maturity of the individual under investigation, exceptions may be allowed.


Optimax provides various specific reports dependent on the requirements of our clients:

  • Standard
  • Summary
  • Customized
  • Key Indicator – Report can be set up to answer very specific questions. For example, in the case of an employee selection, the results may consist of a direct answer to the question whether a specific candidate is suitable or not.


The report consists of the results, as well as, the Introduction to Character Assessment to help clients understand the critical concepts of the Psychocybernetical Model of Character. It is recommended that interpretation of the assessment results be conducted by a Certified Optimax Interpreter.


We have received extremely positive feedback about the accuracy of the Character Assessment tool through our Client Satisfaction Survey . It is our priority at Optimax to maintain the highest standards by being sensitive to the opinions and needs of our clients and to constantly develop innovative performance enhancement tools and services.

If you are interested in completing the Optimax Character Assessment and experiencing a new world of personal understanding please contact us by e-mail at